Learn how to create and customize image-rich Android apps with Glide. Boost your productivity and save yourself valuable time by learning all the required optimizations for an amazing user experience.

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Customizable Image Loading with Glide

In order to be competitive in today's Google Play environment, your app needs to be polished. Images need to be used consistently and loaded smoothly. If your Android app uses images, this book will save you a ton of time researching and avoid stressful evenings of bug fixes. If you value your time, this is something for you.

We cover every feature of Glide! This book is for beginners and advanced readers as well. We’ll walk you through each topic with direct reference to code examples. Once you’ve worked through this book, you’ll be the expert of image loading on Android with Glide.

What Topics are Covered in this Book?

The list below provides a comprehensive overview of covered topics within the book.

  • Introduction to Glide
  • Loading Images, Gifs & Local Video Thumbnails
  • Image Display, Adapter Usage (ListView, RecyclerView, CardView) & Placeholders
  • Request Options & Generated API
  • Image Resizing & Thumbnails
  • Caching & Request Priorities
  • Callbacks With Glide Targets
  • Exception Handling and Debugging (Android Studio Profiler, Stetho)
  • Image Rotation and Glide Transformations
  • Glide Animations
  • Customizing Glide with Glide Modules (Custom SSL, Custom Network Timeouts, ...)
  • App Release Preparations
  • Upgrade Guide from Glide 3.x

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for Android developers who want to get an substantial overview and reference book of Glide. You’ll benefit from the clearly recognizable code examples in regard to your daily work with Glide.


If you’re just starting out with Glide (or coming from any other image loading library like Picasso) this book will show you all important parts on how to work with images. The provided code snippets let you jump-start and create an image-rich app within minutes.


You already worked with Glide before? You’ll profit from our extensive code snippets and can improve your existing code base. Additionally, the book illustrates various optimizations for an even better user experience.

Code Samples

Every code snippet in the book has been tested. The example project is provided for free as an extra download. We recommend to download it from Leanpub's book extra section and check the full code base as you move through the book. We try to keep the code snippets in the book as short as possible. If more context is necessary, the example app's code provides it.

Free Lifetime Updates

We've released this book on Glide in October 2015 and it's still getting updates. We've been updating the book with every minor Glide release. The price of the eBook went up along with its value. The first buyers of our products always get the best deal and the lowest price!

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Not Convinced Yet?

Fair enough! If you’re still on the fence if this book helps you, checkout the sample or, even better, use Leanpub’s (and our) happiness guarantee. Try this book out and if you don’t think this book provides enough value, you can refund your money within 45 days with no questions asked. You don’t have any risk in testing this book, which saves you hours of headaches and increases your app's quality and user experience.