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Node.js — for…of vs. for…in Loops

Node.js ships with the for…of and for…in loops. These two loops provide a convenient iteration besides the common for loop. Both loops give you a clean syntax for iterations and quick access to keys or values. This tutorial explores both loops in more detail and shows you …

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nginx — Remove an App/Domain from Sites-Enabled

Application hosting can become messy over time. You may shut down applications, move applications to a new domain, or you need a subdomain for a limited time. You may need to clean up your nginx configuration here and there to keep your lean setup. Nothing is worse than keeping every …

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Matplotlib — Create Basic Legends

Creating informative plots is not an easy task. You have to make sure to select a good visualization for the data. Additionally, you have to ensure that the presented data is easy to comprehend. In the previous tutorial, you have learned to add labels. In this tutorial, you will learn …

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Matplotlib — Customize Labels

An informative plot does not only present the data itself well, but annotates the content in a way that readers will quickly grasp it. One critical element is to always add accurate axis labels. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add and configure axis labels in matplotlib plots. {{outline} …

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