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PM2 — Use NPM to Start Your App

NPM as a package manager provides a lot capabilities outside the actual dependency management. You can leverage a built-in functionality to run scripts which enables the use case of NPM as a build tool. Further, you can define a script within your package.json file that executes various tasks before …

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Retrofit 2 — Crawl HTML Responses with jspoon (Wikipedia Example)

Retrofit is mainly used to interact with well-defined REST APIs. Nevertheless, you can also use Retrofit to crawl HTML sources of websites. In this tutorial, you'll explore how to utilize jspoon and Retrofit to automatically extract content from Wikipedia. In a practical example you'll understand the basic functionality of jspoon …

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Glide 4 — Extending the Generated API

Glide 4.x has introduced a new feature: the generated API. You've learned the basics of this new feature in our generated API tutorial. One upside of the generated API is that it's easy to extend. This allows you to centralize implementation patterns in your app. In this tutorial you'll …

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