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Hapi — Restrict User Access With Scopes

Building an application that allows users to sign up for your platform always involves authentication and some kind of authorization. You may have dedicated administration areas where „normal“ users shouldn’t have access to. With hapi you can build on a great feature: scopes. Scopes are part of the authentication …

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Hapi — Disable Plugins for a Selected Route

The powerful plugin system is one of hapi’s most undervalued features! It’s a great component, well implemented and allows you to develop your features isolated from one another to separate concerns. Imagine this example: you’ve enabled CSRF protection using hapi’s crumb plugin and also want to …

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Hapi — How to Upload Files

Web application development with hapi allows you to build with rapid speed. Many boilerplates exist and provide the fundamental structure with functionality for user handling, view template management and more. That means you can jumpstart right into the nitty gritty development of your application. And of course in these social …

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Networking for Developers — HTTP Basics

In our extensive Retrofit series we show developers how to implement all kinds of API interactions from the client side on Android. In our hapi.js series developers can learn how to provide API endpoints from the server side to clients. Most of the technical tutorials assume some basic knowledge …

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