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Glide — Network-Dependent Image Loading

Glide makes loading images in your Android app quite efficient. Powerful caches avoid loading images over the (mobile) network as much as possible. However, that's not always feasible. Glide has to load images from the Internet when they're not in one of the caches yet. Loading images over the network …

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Hapi — Log to File With Good

Assumingly, you agree that application monitoring and logging is an essential part of your application. Within previous tutorials, you’ve already learned about the fundamentals of logging in hapi and how to log to console in your hapi app. This tutorial shows you how to pass and store your log …

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Hapi — Zero-Downtime Deployments Using PM2

The previous tutorial on how to correctly stop your hapi server already teasered another tutorial on the same topic with more focus on your production environment. We at Future Studio are huge fans of hapi, which you can see at all the tutorials. Also, we love the awesome Node.js …

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Hapi — Log to Console With Good

Logging is an essential component in your application that provides transparency to the behavior of a running system. You’ve various use cases to put your logs to work. By default, hapi doesn’t have a logging mechanism integrated. There are plugins that add the desired functionality and help you …

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