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How to Base64 Encode/Decode a Value in Node.js

Base64 is a binary-to-text encoding scheme used to transport data. The encoding is necessary when the transfer medium is not able to handle binary data. This binary data is then translated to a text representation (base64) and transferred as text. This tutorial shows you how to base64-encode and -decode a …

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Overview of Promise-Based APIs in Node.js

Node.js introduced async/await as a language feature in version 8.0.0. With async/await the development flow changed to use promises instead of callbacks. Since then, the Node.js team added promise-based APIs to Node’s core. I’m continuously updating this overview of promise-based APIs in …

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GitHub Actions — Clone Another Repository

GitHub Actions integrate automated workflows into a repository. We’re usually running the test suite of a given repository when pushing commits to a repository on GitHub. This tutorial shows you how to clone other repositories in your GitHub Actions workflows. {{outline}} Use Case: the Supercharge Website The Supercharge website …

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