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Arguments vs. Parameters in Programming

We often use the terms argument and parameter when discussing code. We use both terms interchangeably, but actually, they are not. Both terms describe different things. An argument describes a value passed during a function invocation. It’s the value you’re passing down to a function. A parameter describes …

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Node.js — How to Fix ESM Error “Directory import is not supported resolving ES modules imported”

ECMAScript modules are an official standard describing a format on how to write reusable JavaScript code. Browsers used ECMAScript modules and Node.js had their own module loading implementation: CommonJS. Node.js added full ESM support starting from version 12. At the time of writing this tutorial, developers migrate their …

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JavaScript — Using the new Array Grouping Methods

Grouping array items is a common task in programming. You probably wrote a JavaScript grouping function multiple times in your projects. And in the future, you don’t necessarily have to do it again. JavaScript is getting support for array grouping with the static Object.groupBy and Map.groupBy methods. …

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JavaScript — Create Array from AsyncIterable

JavaScript has supported async iterators since ES2018. All modern browser versions handle async iterables and Node.js can do it since version 10.x. Async iterables have a positive aspect and a drawback at the same time: you need to consume them to know the result. That means you can’ …

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JavaScript — Cache Computation Results in a Local Variable

We’re using a small performance optimization in our code bases: caching computation results in local variables. Saving results in a local variable is borrowed from the memoization technique. Memoizing values improves the performance of function execution by storing the results and reusing them for a function call. This tutorial …

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fetch — Detect Network Error

We’re building a Vue.js application for a client project. This Vue.js app uses the useFetch composable from VueUse. This composable uses the browser’s fetch to send requests to a given URL and handle the responses. We wanted to integrate handling in the Vue.js app to …

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