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Gson Builder — HTML Escaping

In this blog post, we'll explore an interesting behavior of Gson: HTML escaping. By default, Gson escapes typical HTML characters, like < or > to \u003c and \u003e. If your server can handle these tags just fine, you might be interested in disabling this behavior. In this tutorial we'll show …

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Hapi — Logging Fundamentals

Logs are an essential part of every application, because they provide visibility throughout the life cycle. Log messages commonly get written to stdout or a file, but that’s just a location of the actual messages. More important is the output format which ultimately helps you to analyze the behavior …

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Hapi — Path Parameter Validation With Joi

The process of validating input data is important to avoid security issues or application errors due to malicious intentions by users. It’s essential that you never trust user data, because there’s always the one user that just wants to test if your application has the security glitch and …

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