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Hapi — Log to Console With Good coming soon
Glide — How to Ignore URL Query Parameters In Cache Lookup coming soon
Practical Gson — Storing Data in Android's SharedPreferences coming soon
Hapi — Zero-Downtime Deployments Using PM2 coming soon
Hapi — Log to File With Good coming soon
Glide — Network-Dependent Image Loading coming soon
Gson Advanced — On-The-Fly-Parsing With Streams coming soon
Hapi — How to Correctly Stop Your Server and Close Existing Connections coming soon
Hapi — How to Reply and Render Pug Views (Using Pug 2.0) coming soon
Networking for Developers — HTTP Basics coming soon

Future Roadmap

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Party Hard! Content

Node.js Video - Callback & Promise Support in Module

This video shows the functionality for callback AND promise support in Node.js modules.

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In Progress Platform

New Student Benefit: Preview YouTube Videos

Our students should be allowed to preview all of our future YouTube videos even before they're officially released to the public.

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In Progress Content

Retrofit Video Series

After providing 50+ written tutorials, we want to enhance our series with an initial 20 high-quality YouTube videos.

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ToDo Content

hapi Tutorials — Season 3

The third hapi season contains 19 tutorials on advanced view handling and access restriction, file upload handling, authentication, and more.

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ToDo Content

Retrofit Tutorials Improvements (Q1 2017)

Some of our Retrofit tutorials are more than two years old and haven't seen an update in a few months. We want to update all previous Retrofit tutorials and add at least ten new guides.

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Backlog Content

hapi Video Series

The hapi tutorial series deserves videos besides the written text to visually describe the individual tutorials. This task contains the first ten videos to finally get going on video creation! 🕺

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