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Tutorial Retrofit 2 — Wrapping Requests in Envelope with Custom Converter coming soon
Tutorial hapi — Validate Query and Path Parameters, Payload and Headers All at Once on Your Routes coming soon
Tutorial learn hapi — Set Up MongoDB and Connect With Mongoose coming soon
Tutorial Picasso — Catching and Analyzing Errors coming soon
Tutorial Glide 4 — Upgrade Guide from Glide 3.x coming soon
Tutorial learn hapi — How to Implement a Complete Sign Up Flow With Email and Password coming soon
Tutorial Retrofit 2 — How to Trust Unsafe SSL certificates (Self-signed, Expired) coming soon
Tutorial Glide — Analyzing Image Loading with Android Studio Profiler coming soon
Tutorial Picasso — Analyzing Image Loading with Android Studio Profiler coming soon
Tutorial Retrofit 2 — Customize Network Timeouts coming soon

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Homepage CSS Updates

The current website’s design can be improved with more love on details. We’ll update the styling to improve readability.

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In Progress Content

Glide — Update Tutorials and Book to Glide 4.x

Glide has released a stable 4.0 version. We'll update all 25+ existing tutorials to support both, Glide 3.8 and Glide 4.0. Furthermore, we'll explore Glide's new functionality, which we can cover with additional tutorials.

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In Progress Content

Retrofit — Intro to Call Adapters

It's time to add a series on Retrofit call adapters. In particular, we'll dive into RxJava.

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Backlog Content

hapi Video Series — Season 2

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Backlog Content

Android Libraries YouTube Series (Gson, Picasso, Glide) — Season 2

After producing 20 high-quality Retrofit videos, and five videos on Gson and Picasso, we will another batch of videos.

This second season includes 10 new videos on Gson, Picasso & Glide.

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Backlog Content

hapi Tutorials — Season 4

The fourth season of hapi tutorials contains advanced view handling, authentication with multiple strategies, and in-depth validation guides. Let’s do it!

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