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Future Studio University

The Future Studio University is a membership that provides publicly available and student exclusive tutorials and videos. Enrolling in the University as a Future Student gives you access to those exclusive content.

The symbol is the visual identifier for student only information.

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$ 60/6mo
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Student Benefits

Time Saver

Moonshoot — Take the Shortcut by Jumping Through Space

Moonshoot outlines each tutorial to fastly access the individual tutorial sections. Just click on the link within the Moonshoot and jump right to the related content.

Also, Moonshoot highlights the current section while reading through the tutorials content.

Moonshoot Student Feature — Future Studio University

Comment on Premium Tutorials

Comments on premium tutorials are only available to Future Students. You can share your knowledge with the community, unconditionally.

Comments on Premium Tutorials Student Feature — Future Studio University

See the Release Dates of Upcoming Content

We're planning our content up to two months ahead. As a student you will get the full overview over our planning. Whenever possible we will show you the prospective release dates instead of a coming soon indicator.

See Release Dates Student Feature — Future Studio University
Early Access

Early Access Public Videos

We often have weeks of public videos scheduled in advance. As a Future Student, you get early access to all scheduled public videos.
Enjoy this fresh extra content before anybody else can!

Early Access Public Videos - Student Feature — Future Studio University

What do I get as a University student?

Access to all premium content published within the University. That means, you’ll have access to every tutorial and video.

Do I enroll automatically for the next semester?

Yes, your semester is recurring and will automatically renew based on your semester duration. Of course, you can cancel your semester at any time.

Can I pause my study?

Definitely! Cancel your semester anytime and renew whenever you’re ready to make it rock!

Can I cancel my semester at any time?

Yes, of course. That would be a pretty shoddy University if we bound you to a non-flexible study term. The cancel option is always available in your profile, it only takes a few seconds to opt-out. Promise!

How often do you release new content for Future Students only?

Weekly. Mostly, we create a series of tutorials and videos on a given topic and we have a weekly publishing schedule. That schedule applies for premium content as well.

Do you save my credit card or PayPal data?

No! We’ll never save your sensitive payment information and this data doesn’t touch our server at all.

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Guest Semester

$ 12/mo
Yeah, that’s my shot!


$ 60/6mo
— 1 month for free!
Give me 1 month free