Learn how to create effective REST clients on Android with Retrofit. Boost your productivity and enjoy working with complex APIs.

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Take advantage of our in-depth series and learn how to create effective REST clients on Android using Retrofit.


Picasso loads and displays images, while also taking care of caching and keeping a low memory impact. Picasso favors simplicity.


Gson (de)serializes any Java object from and to JSON. Learn every details about Gson’s capabilities, configuration & customization.


Glide also loads and displays images, while taking care of caching and keeping a low memory impact. Glide favors customizability.

Android Custom Fonts

You want your app to pop out of the crowd? Provide an extensive brand experience and accentuate your views with custom fonts.


Use nginx as an HTTP and reverse proxy server with great built-in support for SSL certificate handling and load balancing.


Hapi is a powerful framework for building web applications and services. Learn about hapi’s functionality within hands-on guides.


Set up your personal continuous integration pipeline and connect with services like GitHub, GitLab, Heroku, and many more!


PM2 is a process manager taking care of your Node.js apps. Stop worrying about app downtimes and get back your freedom.


Thinky is a lightweight Node.js ORM for RethinkDB supporting schemas and relations, besides automatic table and index creation.


CoreOS takes the idea of system updates and high-availability to a completely new level. Scale your cluster with ease.


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