Learn how to create image-rich Android apps with Picasso. Boost your productivity and save yourself valuable time by learning all the required optimizations for an amazing user experience.

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About the Picasso Book

Due to the popularity of the Picasso blog post series published on the Future Studio blog, and the positive feedback on our Retrofit book, we’ve decided to publish a book on Picasso. If your Android app uses images, this book will save you a ton of time researching and avoid long evenings of bug fixes. If you value your time, this might be something for you.

We cover all topics from the blog post series and additionally add more explanations to each topic and the example code snippets. Besides a more coherent introduction to Picasso, you’ll also benefit from more new, book-exclusive advanced topics.

This book is for beginners and advanced readers as well. We’ll walk you through each topic with direct reference to code examples. Once you’ve worked through this book, you’ll have an extensive knowledge of image loading on Android with Picasso.

What Topics are Covered in this Book?

The list below provides a comprehensive overview of covered topicS within the book.

  • Introduction to Picasso
  • Loading and Displaying Images
  • Placeholders, Resizing and Optimized Request Management
  • Image Rotation and Transformations
  • Caching Is Critical
  • Customizing Picasso
  • Practical Code Examples
  • App Release Preparations

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for Android developers who want to get an substantial overview and reference book of Picasso. You’ll benefit from the clearly recognizable code examples in regard to your daily work with Picasso.


If you’re just starting out with Picasso (or coming from any other image loading library like Glide) this book will show you all important parts on how to work with images. The provided code snippets let you jumpstart and create an image-rich app within minutes.


You already worked with Picasso before? You’ll profit from our extensive code snippets and can improve your existing code base. Additionally, the book illustrates various optimizations for an even better user experience.

Picasso Series Overview

  1. Getting Started & Simple Loading
  2. Advanced Loading
  3. Adapter Use (ListView, GridView, …)
  4. Placeholders, Errors and Fading
  5. Image Resizing, Scaling and fit()
  6. Ordering Requests by Image Priority
  7. Request Management by Grouping of Images via Tag()
  8. Callbacks, RemoteViews and Notifications
  9. Image Rotation and Transformation
  10. Influencing Image Caching
  11. Cache Indicators, Logging & Stats
  12. Customizing Picasso with Picasso.Builder
  13. Request Handlers
  14. Series Round-Up
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