Glide Basics

Display Images on Android

In order to be competitive in today's Google Play environment, your app needs to be polished. Images need to be used consistently and loaded smoothly. If your Android app uses images, Glide could be something for you.



Take Off & Basic Loading

  • In this first part, you’ll get to know Glide and its basic loading functionality.
  • 01

    Get a grasp on what Glide can do for you and have a first glimpse into its loading capabilities!

  • 02

    After the basic examples in the first tutorial, you'll learn more options to load images with Glide (e.g., from a local file or a URI).

  • 03

    Another challenge Glide solves very nicely is loading images for lists. In this tutorial, you'll explore how Glide works with ListView and GridView.

Customizing Image Display

  • In this second part you'll learn to customize and improve the display of images with Glide.
  • 04

    Loading images from the Internet can take some time. Smooth the wait with placeholders and fade animations.

  • 05

    If you load images from a source, where you don't have control over the exact image size, this tutorial is for you. Resize images to optimize how much memory and battery your app uses.

  • 06

    Unlike many other image-loading libraries, Glide comes with automatic support for loading gifs. This tutorial will also show you how to load local video thumbnails.

  • 07

    If you want to load a thumbnail image before displaying the actual image, this tutorial is for you!


  • Glide's caching is the topic of the third part.
  • 08

    Glide comes with built-in support for disk and memory caching. This tutorial will introduce you to the caching system.

  • 09

    After reading the caching basics, you can take a deep dive and actually optimize image loading by customizing the caching preference.

Transformations & Animations

  • Transformations and animations are an important element to make apps smooth and pretty. Glide offers a variety of options here, which you'll explore in this part.
  • 10

    Transformations are powerful tools to manipulate images consistently. Do you want to blur or grey-scale an image? No problem!

  • 11

    Do you want to animate the loaded images beyond the default fade animation? This tutorial will show you how to apply any animation!

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What Setup Do I Need?

The tools, frameworks & basics you need

  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher
  • Your favorite IDE (Android Studio recommended)
  • Basic knowledge of Java & Android



Who is this learning path for?

This learning path is for you, if you're an Android developer, who wants to learn how to load images efficiently. If you've developed an Android app before, you're ready to go 🤘

Does this learning path expire?

No expiration date. No plans to retire it. At some point, we might update or extend it though!

Is there a cost attached to this learning path?

No, all tutorials in this learning path are currently available for free.