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nginx — How to Fix Unknown "connection_upgrade" Variable

You may encounter the $connection_upgrade variable in your nginx configuration when working with Websockets or using an nginx config generator. The $connection_upgrade variable isn’t available by default. Yet, it’s a recommended practice to define and use it in your reverse proxy settings. This tutorial shows you …

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nginx — How to Fix “ssl” Directive Is Deprecated, Use “listen … ssl”

When updating nginx to a newer version, you may run into deprecated configurations. Nginx uses a YAML-like definition format to create configurations. This format evolves over time by adding, removing, or changing keywords. This tutorial shows you how to fix nginx’s “ssl” deprecation warning telling you to use “listen …

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nginx — How to Serve a Static HTML Page

Nginx is a powerful reverse proxy routing your domains from the Internet to your applications. This tutorial shows you how to serve a static HTML page with nginx. It walks you through the required paths, files, and configurations. {{outline}} Serve Static HTML Pages with nginx We created a snake browser …

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nginx — Is Running but Not Serving Sites

We recently installed the (to this time) newest nginx version 1.17 on a new machine. The created configurations in sites-available were symlinked to sites-enabled, but nginx wasn’t serving any of the domains. The crux here, nginx used the different directory conf.d to store a catch-all default configuration. …

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nginx — Remove an App/Domain from Sites-Enabled

Application hosting can become messy over time. You may shut down applications, move applications to a new domain, or you need a subdomain for a limited time. You may need to clean up your nginx configuration here and there to keep your lean setup. Nothing is worse than keeping every …

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Nginx — Redirect Only Root URL Path

We recently launched an internal website. This website doesn’t have a landing page and provides the feature on a URL path. We wanted to redirect all requests navigating the root path / to the feature page using nginx. Here’s how we solved it. {{outline}} Redirect the Root URL Path …

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nginx Load Balancing — Advanced Configuration

Within the previous post on how to use nginx load balancing, we showed you the required nginx configuration to pass traffic to a group of available servers. This week, we dive into the advanced nginx configuration like load balancing methods, setting server weights, and health checks. {{outline}} Load Balancing Mechanisms …

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