Future Studio Content Flash — October 2015

There is no new technical blog post today, sorry if you were waiting for another helping guide. Instead, we’ve great news to share and didn’t tell anyone before: we’ll start the Future Studio Content Flash 2015 on Thursday, October 1st!

What Is This Content Flash Thing?

Great question! The content flash means, that we’re going to publish a new blog post every workday (Monday to Friday) at 9 AM (German time = UTC+2). If you’re arriving at work, there will be a new post jam-packed with helpful tips, tricks, and guides waiting for you.

That is a total amount of 22!! new articles released within the four weeks of October.

What to Expect: TL;DR

We’ll cover various topics from NPM to Android to specifically Glide, to hapi to PM2 and finally there will be a new Retrofit post!

Topics covered within the content flash

  • Glide series
  • PM2 series
  • Retrofit Upgrade Guide: 1.9 to 2.0
  • Android Posts
  • Hapi Posts
  • Android Quick Tips
  • NPM Quick Tips

What to Expect: All the Details

To be more precise, we’ll start a new mini series on NPM quick tips published every Monday. This NPM quick tips series will show the options and features available to to install packages and show packages installed on your machine. Even though you already know how to install NPM packages, you’ll benefit from several shortcuts and tips which aren’t that obvious when using NPM periodically.

The Tuesday is our freestyle day. We’ll publish two new Android and hapi posts. Earlier in September, Norman published a post on how to implement ProductFlavor-dependent permissions with gradle and many of you asked for a similar article on how to implement ProductFlavor-dependent dependencies with gradle. We listened and got you covered! Additionally, we’ll publish two new blog posts on hapi and show you how to get the server.views property back in hapi 9.

We’re very happy to announce an brand new series published on Wednesday’s: Process Management with PM2. We heavily rely on Node.js applications running the homepage, blog and Strider continuous integration platform. You see, we need a robust and stable process manager to keep apps alive, forever! We’re currently planning 12 posts within this series. That means, in November we’ll move the publish day from Wednesday to Monday and get back to our Monday and Thursday post release schedule.

The Thursday is already reserved for new posts within the Glide series. This is our new Android series to help you simplify image handling on mobile. Don’t implement your own image-handling-all-in-one library! Be clever and use the existing and awesome tools out there. We show you how to use Adapters, show animated Gifs, resize and scale images, and many more! The series overview contains an outline showing even more information what to expect :)

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ve noticed the articles within the Android quick tips series on TextView and Android Studio Productivity. On Friday’s we’ll publish new posts within this quick tips series on Gradle, Debugging, Screen Capturing and more!

See you every weekday in October! :)

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