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Retrofit 2 — Basics of API Description

In the getting started with Retrofit tutorial you've implemented your first request against one GitHub endpoint. Hopefully, you're excited to try out more of Retrofit's functionality. In this tutorial, you'll learn in more detail how to describe API endpoints in Retrofit. {{outline}} How to Describe API Endpoints As you've learned …

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Retrofit 2 — Implementing Custom Converters

We've already written two blog posts about Retrofit 2 converters. In almost all cases, the standard converters and their customizations are sufficient to transform your app's data. If you have some special format or some other specific needs, you might need to implement your own custom converter. In this blog …

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Retrofit 2 — Pagination Using Query Parameter

Requesting data from API endpoints that might respond with large datasets is obviously bad practice. Breaking down massive information packets into smaller chunks is the idea behind pagination. There’s no de facto standard on how to implement pagination on server-side and therefore, clients have to adapt to the solution …

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