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Retrofit 2 — Multiple Server Environments (Develop, Staging, Production)

When you’re developing an app professionally, you’re probably dealing with multiple server environments. Your API developers are constantly changing and improving the endpoints the apps consume. If you’ve an excellent backend developer, he’ll provide multiple environments: develop: latest snapshot of the API code staging: next API …

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Java Basics for Retrofit — Callbacks

Returning the result of a long-running function at a later time is an important aspect of programming. A lot of high-level programming languages have the asynchronousity build in (e.g. C# with delegates) or it’s part of the language nature that it even leads to a callback hell (Node. …

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Java Basics for Retrofit — Annotations

A lot of readers on our Retrofit series are just starting out with developing software or are new to Java/Android. We're really happy to welcome all new developers! We've received many questions, which were caused by implementing apps with Retrofit, but not actually specific to Retrofit. Consequently, we decided …

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