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CoreOS — Run Your Node.js App on Cluster

During the last weeks, we’ve learned the fundamentals of three important components of the CoreOS ecosystem. Additionally, you’re able to manage key-value-pairs within etcd and services within our cluster using fleet featuring systemd. This gives us all the required knowledge to finally make the step from just running …

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CoreOS — Read and Write Values to etcd

This is the second part about etcd and completely geared towards etcd’s HTTP/JSON API and the command line utility etcdctl. Within the previous post on etcd, we described how etcd can bootstrap a new cluster with the help of an existing one. Further, we showed you two configuration …

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CoreOS — How to Set Up a Cluster

Last week we’ve learned about CoreOS’ components and technologies within the ecosystem. This week, we’re directly diving into the practical part and get our hands dirty. If you read the first post, you already know that CoreOS is an operating system geared towards high-availability. Setting up a cluster …

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CoreOS — Platform Introduction and Components

CoreOS is a new operating system with a completely changed mindset. The idea goes away from single servers and moves completely towards security and high-availability clusters. All the management is done at cluster level. CoreOS ships and integrates with components that simplify the overall cluster management. Within this series, we’ …

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