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Hapi — Logging Fundamentals

Logs are an essential part of every application, because they provide visibility throughout the life cycle. Log messages commonly get written to stdout or a file, but that’s just a location of the actual messages. More important is the output format which ultimately helps you to analyze the behavior …

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Hapi — Path Parameter Validation With Joi

The process of validating input data is important to avoid security issues or application errors due to malicious intentions by users. It’s essential that you never trust user data, because there’s always the one user that just wants to test if your application has the security glitch and …

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Hapi — Query Parameter Validation With Joi

As an application developer, you should never trust the data provided by users. At any possible input! That doesn’t only apply for request payload send within the request body, but also for query parameters. This guide shows you how to apply query parameter validation for a given route in …

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Hapi — Report Errors to Sentry

On November 1st, 2016 we’ve launched the Future Studio University —a membership that lets you access exclusive content— and also added automated error tracking to our platform. There’s a speaking called „you don’t know what you don’t know“ and that’s exactly what happened for us: …

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Hapi — Ignore Trailing Slashes on Route Paths

Future Studio started with just a blog. We’ve used Ghost to write, publish and manage all the tutorials. While extending the blog to a comprehensive learning platform, we chose hapi as the foundational framework. While moving the functionality to show tutorials from Ghost to our own hapi server, we’ …

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