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Hapi — Report Errors to Sentry

On November 1st, 2016 we’ve launched the Future Studio University —a membership that lets you access exclusive content— and also added automated error tracking to our platform. There’s a speaking called „you don’t know what you don’t know“ and that’s exactly what happened for us: …

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Hapi — Ignore Trailing Slashes on Route Paths

Future Studio started with just a blog. We’ve used Ghost to write, publish and manage all the tutorials. While extending the blog to a comprehensive learning platform, we chose hapi as the foundational framework. While moving the functionality to show tutorials from Ghost to our own hapi server, we’ …

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Hapi — Access Request Headers

Handling request headers isn’t a use case that comes to mind immediately when thinking through the development process of your app. You might think of routes, requests, appropriate responses and the design of your views. And at some point you’re in a more advanced development stage and see …

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Hapi — How to Set Response Status Code

Within previous tutorials throughout this hapi series, you’ve seen a lot functionality related to the server itself, requests and authentication. This guide is the first one geared towards responses and precisely shows you how to set the response status code that follows the RFC. Before diving into the details, …

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Hapi — Request Payload Validation With Joi

Within last week’s tutorial you’ve learned how to access the request payload in hapi. Because you should never, ever trust provided data submitted by users, a common process is to validate the request payload against a given rule set. hapi streamlines this procedure and integrates a validation process …

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