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GitHub Actions — Using MongoDB Replica Sets

GitHub Actions let you automate tasks on your repositories. For example, you can move your entire CI/CD pipeline to GitHub using Actions. You probably need a database when running your tests. MongoDB recommends using replica sets in production environments. You can push your testing environment as close to the …

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GitHub Actions — Using MongoDB

GitHub Actions provide powerful automation, like running tests for your codebase. Keeping your continuous integration pipeline close to your code is a sweet setup. Typically, an application requires a database dependency. If you’re in the need for MongoDB when using GitHub Actions, this tutorial is for you! {{outline}} Use …

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Case Insensitive Sorting with Mongoose and MongoDB

Sorting in MongoDB can cause a lot pain (in the ass!). The problem: MongoDB always sorts case sensitive in the following order Numerics: 0-9 Uppercase letters: A-Z Lowercase letters: a-z For the following examples, assume the upcoming Tag schema and documents in our Tags collection: Schema { name: String, approved: boolean, …

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