Future Studio Open Source — Start of a New Series

When Marcus and I initially talked about bundling our products in one brand and additionally, on occasion, offering our skills for hire, it took us longer to decide on a company name than on the technologies we are going to use. We both love node.js, providing scalable and fast servers. We use MongoDB regularly as our go-to NoSQL database. Lastly, we are fascinated with the astonishing development Android is going through. Since our very first project with Android back in early 2011, we can't let go of developing more and better apps for our users.

Open Source is awesome

There is a pattern in the technologies we love to use. They are all open source and rock their respective fields. We both are realistic and no open-source extremists only using 'open' products, but it's always encouraging if a small, often starting out as a free-time, project goes all the way to revolutionize our industry. But we're not only using the big names, on every single project we are dependent of small libraries provided for our node.js server code or android apps. The enthusiasm of the open source community is intoxicating. We couldn't work without the long hours so many of you put into your libraries and guides. We want to be part of It and give back.

Future Studio as Open Source Contributor

We are just getting started, but we made it our goal to continuously publish code parts we think are useful to others. You can head over to our github repository for a current selection. But you don't have to check our github page every day, we'll present new projects and significant updates right here on our blog. The blog posts of this series have its own tag FS-Open-Source. Hopefully, some of you will find some use in our projects, just as we are using your work every day.

Next up next week is: Introduction to our Boilerplates!

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