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GitHub Actions — Clone Another Repository

GitHub Actions integrate automated workflows into a repository. We’re usually running the test suite of a given repository when pushing commits to a repository on GitHub. This tutorial shows you how to clone other repositories in your GitHub Actions workflows. {{outline}} Use Case: the Supercharge Website The Supercharge website …

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GitHub Actions — How to Add Comments in YAML Files

GitHub Actions are a seamless way to integrate automated tasks into your repository. Sometimes it’s helpful to leave a comment in the action’s YAML file. Yes! Workflow files in GitHub Actions support comments! This tutorial shows you how to add comments to GitHub Actions workflow files. {{outline}} Add …

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GitHub Actions — How to Test Lerna Monorepos

GitHub Actions provide a convenient way to test your project. Typically, you’ll trigger test runs and builds through push or pull request events. When testing lerna monorepos, there’s a nuance that you must keep in mind: the CI environment! This tutorial shows you how to configure lerna to …

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