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learn hapi — JWT Logout (Part 1/2)

Authenticating users in web applications or APIs has different approaches. Invalidating a user’s server-side session or an authentication-related cookie is in your full control. With JSON web tokens (JWTs), you need to extend your platform with a custom logout handling ensuring to invalidate an active JWT. Because there’s …

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learn hapi — How to Revoke a JWT

JSON web tokens (JWT) are a convenient way to authenticate users on your platform. The simplest version of handling JWT authentication looks like this: creating a token by signing it with a secret key that is only known to your application. Once created, you send off the compact form of …

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learn hapi — Create a JWT Utility

When using JSON web tokens in your application, you’ll find JWT related implementations in different places. For example, creating a new JWT is part of a login route handler. Authenticating an incoming JWT takes place in an authentication strategy. Refreshing a JWT, JWT logout, or token blacklisting are use …

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