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Gson Advanced — Generics

In this blog post, we'll explore how Gson deals with Java generics. Generics are a challenge for any data mapping library, since they bring an uncertainty with them. If you want to review Java generics, use cases and implications, feel free to read up on the Wikipedia article. Gson is …

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hapi — How to Set Response Status Code

Within previous tutorials throughout this hapi series, you’ve seen a lot functionality related to the server itself, requests and authentication. This guide is the first one geared towards responses and precisely shows you how to set the response status code that follows the RFC. Before diving into the details, …

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Gson Advanced — Mapping of Enums

At the beginning of this series, we've shown you how to map nested objects, arrays and lists, Java maps and more. In this blog post, you'll learn how to (de)serialize Java enums. Of course, this is not the only post in our Gson series. If you're interested in the …

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hapi — How to Use Query Parameters

During the last weeks we’ve kicked off a new hapi server, extended its functionality with plugins, wrote our own custom plugin, added authentication and defined those authentication strategies to apply for your routes within a selected hapi server instance. As you’ve recognized within the title, this tutorial is …

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Gson Builder — Relax Gson with Lenient

The formatting of JSON content has to fulfill some specific rules to be compliant with the standard. The standard is described in the RFC4627 specification. It lays the foundation on how keys and values are separated, how arrays are structured and so on. In this blog post we'll explore how …

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