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PM2 — Use NPM to Start Your App

NPM as a package manager provides a lot capabilities outside the actual dependency management. You can leverage a built-in functionality to run scripts which enables the use case of NPM as a build tool. Further, you can define a script within your package.json file that executes various tasks before …

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PM2 — Create Multiple Environments in Process File (JSON/JS/YAML)

PM2 gives you the opportunity to create advanced application configurations, also known as a process file or ecosystem file. Within those process files, you can define environment variables and make them only available to the related application. Even further, PM2 provides the feature to create multiple environments with completely different …

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PM2 — Series Round-Up

It has been a long journey to this last planned post of the PM2 series. We want to wrap up the series and hope you’ve learned a lot throughout the weeks. Every new article covered a separate topic and should help you to improve your application process management on …

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