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hapi — Create Your Own Custom Plugin

This guide continues on extending your server’s functionality with the help of plugins. Within the previous tutorial, you’ve learned how to register a plugin to your hapi server instance and with that increase the servers feature set. Also, we’ve described hapi’s efficient plugin system and the …

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hapi — Get Your Server Up and Running

This post kicks off a new series on hapi, a Node.js web services framework. Hapi provides a solid foundation that lets you fully focus on building your application by shipping with built-in support for plugins, authentication, caching, input validation, and many more essential features! Update — hapi 17 ready The …

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Retrofit 2 — How to Send Plain Text Request Body

Within a previous guide, you’ve learned how to send objects in request body using Retrofit and based on that topic, Marty asked a good question: how to send plain text as payload with a request? That’s exactly what you’ll take away from this guide :) Before heading towards …

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