Marcus is a fullstack JS developer. He’s passionate about the hapi framework for Node.js and loves to build web apps and APIs. Creator of Futureflix and the “learn hapi” learning path.

GitHub Actions — Clone Another Repository

GitHub Actions integrate automated workflows into a repository. We’re usually running the test suite of a given repository when pushing commits to a repository on GitHub. This tutorial shows you how to clone other repositories in your GitHub Actions workflows. {{outline}} Use Case: the Supercharge Website The Supercharge website …

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How to Generage a UUID in Node.js

UUIDs are typically used as unique identifiers. You can also use them in JavaScript and Node.js. The Node.js team recently added native support to generate a UUID to Node.js’ crypto module. For earlier Node.js versions you may use a community package to generate a UUID. That’ …

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How to Destructure a Dynamic Key in JavaScript or Node.js

In some situations, you want to dynamically access a property in a JavaScript object. You typically access dynamic properties using obj[key]. In situations where you want to access multiple properties, you would need to have multiple assignments for the individual properties. The good thing: you can also use JavaScript …

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Node.js — Check If a Directory Is Empty

You want a solid and convenient experience when working with the file system in Node.js. The file system comes with its own challenges, like space limitations and access restrictions. Typically you also need to ensure a given state. For example, you want to delete all files from a given …

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Add Week(s) to a Date in JavaScript or Node.js

When interacting with dates in JavaScript you sometimes want to provide shortcuts. Like adding a week to a given date. Or moving today’s meeting two weeks into the future (keeping the day and time). That’s what this tutorial is about: adding a single week or multiple weeks to …

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