Marcus is a fullstack JS developer. He’s passionate about the hapi framework for Node.js and loves to build web apps and APIs. Creator of Futureflix and the “learn hapi” learning path.

Node.js — Securely Parse JSON

Node.js provides a global JSON object providing methods to parse a JSON string to JavaScript or stringify JavaScript values to a JSON string. The problem is that JavaScript’s global JSON object comes with a flaw allowing prototype pollution attacks. This tutorials shows you how to securely parse JSON …

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Node.js — Read a JSON File

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data format used across applications to share data. The applications can use different languages and they are able to share information using the JSON format. Node.js and NPM use a JSON file storing configuration details: the package.json file. Besides the package.json …

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Node.js — Detect if Running on Windows

Sometimes it’s necessary to detect the operating system running the Node.js process. Node.js comes with the built-in os module providing methods to detect the current platform. Use the methods to create a utility function detecting whether you’re currently running Node.js on Windows. {{outline}} Check if …

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Node.js — Detect if Running on macOS

Sometimes you need to detect the platform that runs your Node.js process. You can do that by using Node.js’ built-in os module. It provides a method returning the operating system and you can then compare the platform against macOS. {{outline}} Check if the Operating System is macOS The …

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