Dock — Speed up Prototyping by Bootstrap Databases and Tools in Seconds

Dock is a shell script which helps you to bootstrap databases and other tools in seconds. You don't install the tools natively on your computer! Instead, Dock runs a Docker container on your machine and exposes required ports and IP addresses to your host machine.

Your benefit: concentrate on development flow and omit system setup overhead. In case you don't need the setup anymore, just destroy the Docker container and you're done.


Dock has one requirement: Docker. Head over to the Docker installation guides and install for your platform. For us: boot2docker worked well on OS X.

Install on OS X using Homebrew

Ben (the author of Dock) created a Homebrew tap to make Dock available via package manager. Add the tap to your local Homebrew and install Dock right away.

brew tap bripkens/dock  
brew install dock  

Any upgrades are now available via Homebrew.

brew update  
brew upgrade dock  

Install on other Platforms

Download or clone the repository and add the download path to your system's $PATH. Else, just download Dock somewhere on your $PATH like ~/bin. Next, add execution rights to Dock and initialize.

chmod +x /path/to/dock  
dock -u  

Ben provides a one-liner installing Dock to your ~/bin folder

curl -so ~/bin/dock && \  
         chmod +x ~/bin/dock && \
         dock -u && \
         echo "dock installation successful. 
Try running 'dock'"  


Get a list of Dock commands running dock without arguments.

Bootstrap a database or tool with Dock by adding its name as an argument.

$ dock redis rethinkdb rabbitmq

Starting redis (using /Users/marcuspoehls/.dock-formulas/formulas/redis)  
Container started  
Name:           redis  
Ports:          6379

Starting rethinkdb (using /Users/marcuspoehls/.dock-formulas/formulas/rethinkdb)  
Container started  
Name:           rethinkdb  
Ports:          8080 28015 29015

Starting rabbitmq (using /Users/marcuspoehls/.dock-formulas/formulas/rabbitmq)  
Container started  
Name:           rabbitmq  
Ports:          5672 15672  
Admin user:     admin  
Admin pw:       A3y6crBkMk8k  

The console output prints the IP addresses and ports used by the database or tool and (if needed) the default login credentials.

Supported Databases and Tools

Dock currently integrates 26 databases and platforms. Get the complete list running dock -l. Additionally, check out the formulas directory.

New tools are integrated on the fly. Feel free to contribute your own formula by sending a pull request.

Private Formulas

In case you want to use a custom Docker image not available on Docker Hub, create a formula in the .dock-formulas directory relative to your current working directory. Dock will search this folder for custom formulas.

Contribute Formulas

You want another database or tool integrated to Dock? Go ahead, and follow Dock's contribution guide. Basically, fork the repo, add your formular and open a pull request. Ben will review, comment, merge, be happy :)

Explore the Library

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