How to Blur Images Efficiently with Android's RenderScript

Update: We added the section Preview to visually demonstrate the capabilities.

Recently, we have demonstrated how to integrate the RenderScript support library in Gradle-based projects. In this post, we will showcase the usefulness of having RenderScript available. A common design effect is to blur images for an exceptionally beautiful design. On Android blurring images efficiently was a hassle since the beginning due to the limitation of Java. RenderScript offers an attractive solution.

The Code to Blur Images

Let us jump right to the code:

public class BlurBuilder {  
    private static final float BITMAP_SCALE = 0.4f;
    private static final float BLUR_RADIUS = 7.5f;

    public static Bitmap blur(Context context, Bitmap image) {
        int width = Math.round(image.getWidth() * BITMAP_SCALE);
        int height = Math.round(image.getHeight() * BITMAP_SCALE);

        Bitmap inputBitmap = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(image, width, height, false);
        Bitmap outputBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(inputBitmap);

        RenderScript rs = RenderScript.create(context);
        ScriptIntrinsicBlur theIntrinsic = ScriptIntrinsicBlur.create(rs, Element.U8_4(rs));
        Allocation tmpIn = Allocation.createFromBitmap(rs, inputBitmap);
        Allocation tmpOut = Allocation.createFromBitmap(rs, outputBitmap);

        return outputBitmap;

The class provides one static function, which takes a bitmap and returns a blurred version of it. Adjust the two constants BITMAP_SCALE and BLUR_RADIUS to your needs. This solution is very fast and easy to integrate. If you need to blur views instead of bitmaps, take a look at the original version of the code on StackOverflow. Please be cautious that you import the support library version of RenderScript (package*) in order to be compatible to older Android versions. Otherwise, this code requires at least Android API level 17 (Jellybean, Android 4.3).

Let us look at a small example. If you want to set the background of a view as a blurred version of an existing bitmap originalBitmap, use this code snippet:

Bitmap blurredBitmap = BlurBuilder.blur( getActivity(), originalBitmap );

view.setBackgroundDrawable( new BitmapDrawable( getResources(), blurredBitmap ) );  


Of course, code is never as exciting as a preview of the functionality. Let's take a recipe photo from a our (discontinued) eat foody platform.

Original Version

A blurry version of it, using our code from above, would look like this:

Blurry Version

You can adjust the strength of the blurring by playing with the two constants BITMAP_SCALE and BLUR_RADIUS.

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