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Retrofit 2 — How to Trust Unsafe SSL certificates (Self-signed, Expired)

We were hesitant to write this tutorial, but due to the many, many requests: in this tutorial you will learn how to ignore the connection's security handshake and let Retrofit accept any, even bad SSL certificates. This includes revoked, expired or self-signed SSL certificates. Warning: ignoring SSL certificate validity is …

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Picasso — Catching and Analyzing Errors

When working with Picasso, at some point you'll run into the following scenario: Picasso shows the error placeholder and you can't figure out why. Even when you activate logging you'll only see that loading an image failed, but not the reason for the failure. In this tutorial, you'll learn how …

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Retrofit 2 — Unwrapping Envelope Responses with Custom Converter

We recently worked on a project where the API wrapped all responses into an envelope. For example, when the app requested the user info, it always got a wrapped response: { "serverInfo": { "apiVersion": "0.0.1a" }, "statusCode": 200, "payload": { "username": "Norman", "id": 42 } } The payload was the actual interesting information. Previously, …

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