How to Change Application Icons in Mac OS X

There are some fancy replacement icons for your applications available on dribbble. Sometimes you're bored of the ones originally shipped with the specific app. And eventually you find the app icon you want to use and don't know how to set it. Here's how you go and this short guide shows with the help of a new Brackets icon.

Brackets Replacement Icon <sup>1</sup>

Change the Icon

First, download the new icon file in .icns format. Afterwards, open the folder where the downloaded icon is placed and copy it (CMD + C).

Downloaded new Brackets icon in .icns file format

Now open the applictions folder in Finder and select the application you want to change the icon for. Press CMD + I to open the application info window. Afterwards, select the application icon in the upper left corner.

Application info window

Now, just paste the new icon, which you copied before and it automatically replaces the old one.

If the new icon doesn't appear or isn't copied correctly, just drag and drop the new icon onto the old one in info view. A plus symbol appears when you're at the correct spot.

Delete a Custom Icon

Within the application info view, select the defined icon (upper left corner) by clicking on it and just press backspace to delete it and set back to default one.

That's it. Enjoy the fancy, fresh icon!


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