JavaScript — How to Smooth Scroll to an HTML Element

Here at Future Studio, we have a table of contents with linked headlines next to a tutorial. We call this table of contents „Moonshoot“: it allows you to jump through the tutorial and visit individual sections.

Our moonshoot is sticky positioned and stays visible next to the tutorial when you scroll through the content. A pleasant experience for users is a smooth scroll when clicking on one of the links in the moonshoot.

This tutorial shows you how to smoothly scroll to an HTML element on your website.

JavaScript Series Overview

Smoothly Scroll to an HTML Element

All browsers allow you to jump to an element on your website identified by a unique ID. You can use an anchor tag with an href that starts with a # to jump to that element. By default, a click on the anchor tag makes the browser jump to the section carrying the ID of the href:

<a href="#a-unique-id-on-this-page" data-toc-button>Jump to the Section</a>

<section id="a-unique-id-on-this-page">  
  <h2>Smoothly Scroll to an HTML Element</h2>
  <p>A text for this section</p>

You can change the scroll behavior to smoothly scroll to a section when clicking on a link.
Use the element.scrollIntoView method to apply the position change and also add the behavior: 'smooth' option for smooth scroll behavior:

document.querySelectorAll('[data-toc-button]').forEach(button => {  
  button.addEventListener('click', () => {
    const section = document.getElementById(button.href)

    if (section) {
      section.scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth' })

All modern browsers support a smooth scroll to an element.


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