Launching Future Studio University ⭐

Within the last months we’ve been adding and changing functionality on our homepage to create a comprehensive learning platform. What started out as a blog grew rapidly to a place where you could find solutions for your Android and Node.js problems. And that’s the reason we follow this path of online education to provide you a much better learning experience.

What Is the Future Studio University?

In short: our blog evolves to the University.

We believe the blog is more than just a collection of articles about specific topics. It outgrew the simple purpose of information transfer long ago and we finally make the step to a more comprehensive platform.

The Future Studio University is a dedicated learning platform geared towards Android and Node.js. You benefit from online learning in a way to expand your knowledge and learn about new technologies. Find detailed tutorials that propose solutions that you can adapt for your code and projects. Tutorials will be either free or premium () whereas premium content is only available for Future Students.

Besides tutorials, you’ll also have access to high quality 4K videos. Selected tutorials will receive an additional video guide explaining the steps provided in written format.

The only way to become a student within the Future Studio University is to enroll for a semester. It’s like enrolling in a real university. The current enrollment plans are one or six months. Of course, you can opt-out at any time.

What Is This Thing All About?

The is the visual identifier for any premium content available within the Future Studio University. You’ll find the throughout the platform and this way you can spot student-only content quickly.

University Is Just a Metaphor, We’re Not a Real University

To make things clear: the naming “University” is a metaphor. We’re not officially registered as a university. However, we choose this naming because we believe it fits the educational representation in a way we want to provide the next level of online learning.

Is Future Studio Renamed to Future Studio University?

Well, no. The University is the part of Future Studio that provides learning material (tutorials, video, exercises, etc.) online.

With the launch of the University, Future Studio will consist of three pieces:

  • University: tutorials and videos
  • Books: our books on Android & Java: Retrofit, Picasso, Glide, Gson
  • General: favorites, about, legal

We’ll add other parts to Future Studio, but for now it just consists of the University, Books and the General part with our favorites, about and legal pages.

What Are My Benefits as a Future Student?

First, you’ll have access to premium content that is only available for students.

Second, you’ll benefit from exclusive reading features for students, like:

  • see the actual publishing dates for tutorials instead of (soon)
  • navigate quickly within tutorials by using an extra outline (soon)
  • notice: we’ll definitely listen to student feedback and discuss requested functionalities extensively with you and within the team

New Content Every Wednesday, Save the Date!

The schedule for premium content is set: expect new content every Wednesday.

Besides the Wednesday content, we’ll still publish a publicly, for free available tutorial every Thursday. This will help you growing and benefit from guides even though you’re not enrolled as a student.

Stay in the Loop and Get Notified About University Updates

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