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Node.js — How to Merge Objects

Merging objects in JavaScript is a common task. For example, when starting an application you may load multiple configuration files and merge them into a single configuration object. This tutorial shows you how to merge objects in JavaScript. {{outline}} Merge Objects Merging objects in JavaScript is possible in different ways. …

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Increase a Date in JavaScript by One Week

When building tools that work with dates, you may want to provide a button that acts as a shortcut to increase a date by one week. Internally, your application still works with actual dates and you may want to calculate the date in one week. This tutorial shows you how …

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Get Tomorrow’s Date in JavaScript

Imagine a planning tool like a ToDo-list where you want to schedule a task due for tomorrow. Clicking a button “plan for tomorrow“ sets the due date to tomorrow. Your database still needs an actual date as the deadline. This tutorial shows you how to retrieve tomorrow’s date in …

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GitHub Actions — Using Redis

The release of GitHub Actions opened up opportunities around testing. Testing your code in GitHub is now doable using Docker-based actions. When running your tests, you may need a database dependency, like Redis. This tutorial shows you how to use Redis when testing your code. You’ll also see how …

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GitHub Actions — Using MongoDB

GitHub Actions provide powerful automation, like running tests for your codebase. Keeping your continuous integration pipeline close to your code is a sweet setup. Typically, an application requires a database dependency. If you’re in the need for MongoDB when using GitHub Actions, this tutorial is for you! {{outline}} Use …

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How to fix “exec user process caused „no such file or directory“” in Docker

We ran into the following error when creating Docker-based GitHub Actions: the “standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused „no such file or directory“” Everything worked locally and the Dockerfile looked good as well. Yet, when pushing the code to the build server (in this case GitHub), building …

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GitHub Actions — Create a Testing Matrix

Using GitHub Actions are a good use-case for testing purposes. You can conveniently provision testing dependencies like databases using the Docker-based architecture. You may also test your application against a combination of versions, a so called testing matrix. This tutorial outlines the steps to test your application against all combinations …

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