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learn hapi — Describe Endpoint Details in Your Swagger API Documentation

Your Swagger API documentation becomes a beneficial place for developers. The integrated Swagger UI allows anyone to send sample requests against your endpoints. It’s a good way to see the actual response format and data of endpoints. Swagger allows you to add detailed documentation for responses. Define the format …

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Android Custom Fonts Renewed — Font Family

In the last tutorial, we've explored the modern way of implementing custom fonts on Android. However, it broke the support for dynamically changing the font style and weights (for example, bold or italic). In this tutorial, we'll fix this drawback and configure a font family with different styles. {{outline}} {{video} …

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learn hapi — Customize Your Swagger API Documentation URL

Your initial API documentation for Futureflix uses hapi-swagger to generate an endpoint overview from your project configuration. By default, hapi-swagger registers the /documentation route. If you want another path, like /docs, you can customize it. You’ll do that in a minute 😉 Besides the API documentation URL, you can tell …

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