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Retrofit 2 — Manage Request Headers in OkHttp Interceptor

You’ve already learned how to add custom request header using Retrofit. This post specifically touches the details on adding request headers using Retrofit 2 and the OkHttp interceptor. Interceptors are a good way to statically change requests executed with the specific service client which has the interceptor assigned. {{outline} …

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CoreOS — How to Set Up a Cluster

Last week we’ve learned about CoreOS’ components and technologies within the ecosystem. This week, we’re directly diving into the practical part and get our hands dirty. If you read the first post, you already know that CoreOS is an operating system geared towards high-availability. Setting up a cluster …

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Retrofit 2 — Log Requests and Responses

Retrofit 1 integrated a log feature for basic request and response debugging. The logging functionality was removed in Retrofit 2, since the required HTTP layer is now completely based on OkHttp. Since many developers asked for logging capabilities in Retrofit 2, the developers of OkHttp added a logging interceptor in …

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