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Gson — Mapping of Nested Objects

In the Gson blog posts, we've explored the basic functionality. In this blog post, we'll move more towards more realistic data and look at nested objects. You'll learn how easy it is to work with objects, which includes additional complex data. This is only one post in our comprehensive Gson …

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hapi — Get Your Server Up and Running

This post kicks off a new series on hapi, a Node.js web services framework. hapi provides a solid foundation that lets you fully focus on building your application by shipping with built-in support for plugins, authentication, caching, input validation, and many more essential features! Honestly, we’ve build the …

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Retrofit 2 — How to Send Plain Text Request Body

Within a previous guide, you’ve learned how to send objects in request body using Retrofit and based on that topic, Marty asked a good question: how to send plain text as payload with a request? That’s exactly what you’ll take away from this guide :) Before heading towards …

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