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hapi — How to Use Query Parameters

During the last weeks we’ve kicked off a new hapi server, extended its functionality with plugins, wrote our own custom plugin, added authentication and defined those authentication strategies to apply for your routes within a selected hapi server instance. As you’ve recognized within the title, this tutorial is …

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hapi — How to Reply a JSON Response

Within last week’s tutorial, you’ve learned how to reply rendered HTML for a given request. Obviously, there are situations where replying HTML won’t fit your needs and you want to send JSON data as a response. This guide will show you how to reply JSON for a …

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hapi — How to Render and Reply Views

Within the previous tutorial, you’ve seen how to serve static files using hapi. HTML files also apply to the static file concept and you could use hapi to reply requests with rendered HTML content. Nonetheless, if you’re on the search for a more dynamic approach related to views, …

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Gson — Mapping of Nested Objects

In the Gson blog posts, we've explored the basic functionality. In this blog post, we'll move more towards more realistic data and look at nested objects. You'll learn how easy it is to work with objects, which includes additional complex data. This is only one post in our comprehensive Gson …

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