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The first Retrofit blog post was published on December 1st back in 2014. Within the following weeks after the initial release, we published 13 additional articles within the series of Retrofit posts. Since then, thousands have visited the articles and could solve various problems easily.

We’re truly overwhelmed about the popularity of our Retrofit series! Thank you very much for all of the positive feedback, comments and suggestions for additional articles! It’s awesome to see a growing interest in the published posts. That’s the reason why we’ve decided to write a book on Retrofit with additional content and more extensive code examples.

What Topics Are Covered in This Book?

Even though this book is based on the blog post series, you’ll profit from additional content, code examples and detailed explanations. The following list depicts a short overview of the book’s content:

  • Introduction to Retrofit
  • Getting started and creating sustainable Android REST clients
  • Handling authentication on Android (besides OAuth, we show basic and token authentication)
  • Managing and manipulating requests
  • Response handling including custom response converter and how to mock API responses
  • File upload
  • App release preparation with ProGuard configuration

Benefits From Buying This Book

You may ask yourself, “What are the differences between this book and the blog posts?” Fair enough, that’s a good question to ask!

  • Additional Content: of course you’ll profit from new content! Bro, we don’t let you down! New chapters explain how to mock API responses with Retrofit, how to use the OAuth refresh token to update your access token and further, how to configure ProGuard with Retrofit for Google Play releases.
  • Extensive Code Examples: we’ve highly improved the code examples to provide more context where to put which annotations, classes, and so on.
  • Android Project included: all code examples used within this book to provide more context of where to use them.
  • Nicely Formatted and eReader Ready: you get epub, mobi and PDF files for download. Enjoy the book at your laptop or send it in prefered format to your eReader and read during train ride or before bed.

Android Project With Extensive Code Examples

This book includes an Android project with comprehensive code examples. We utterly recommend to download the code package from this book’s extras and give it a spin. It contains all code examples used within this book and additionally sets you in the context of where to use them.

What About Updates?

Retrofit is under active development and currently on the road to 2.0. The book is based on Retrofit 1.9 and we’ll update it once the new major version is released. Furthermore, we intend to add new chapters if there are topics of value for you coming up within the future. All book updates will be completely free.

Happiness Guarantee

The book is on sale at, because we want to give you the Happiness Guarantee that aligns with our values. The guarantee allows you to claim a refund for 45 days. We believe in fair use and think you benefit most from this approach.


We highly appreciate all feedback! Send us questsions, comments, tweets, success stories or whatever comes to your mind.

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