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PM2 — List Processes and Show Process Details

The last two blog posts on PM2 covered the utility overview and guided you through the process management including start, restart, stop and delete processes of various types (Node.js, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc). Once you have processes started with PM2, you want to get a comprehensive overview of currently …

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PM2 — Process Management

Within the previous PM2 post, we introduced the utility and touched some of its capabilities. This articles moves on to the core of PM2: process management. We show you how to list running process, start and restart new process as well as stop and delete running app servers to shut …

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PM2 — Utility Overview & Installation

Back in May 2015 we updated our server setup and started to use a bunch of new tools to avoid server administration headaches. We mostly rely on Node.js apps (Ghost, our homepage is built on hapi, Strider) and wanted a reliable process manager to keep started servers alive. We …

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