Use the Two Minute Rule to Get Things Done

If you can do something within 2 minutes: just do it, now.

Set goals and decide. Don't fear.<sup>1</sup>

That's all. Nothing more. Get small tasks out of the way and checked on your to-do list. The rule is not only about the results you achieve, but about the process to actually do the work to finish the task. The key is to start and go on after starting.

You can also apply the 2-minute-rule to create habits. Starting a new one is easier with the help of the 2-minute-rule. It won't do the work for you. It encourages to start and proceed.

Application of the 2-minute-rule

There is always an option to apply the rule for any kind of tasks.

You want to run at least 2 days a week. Change your clothes, put your running shoes on and all within 2 minutes. You're ready to run and work out. Do the first steps and leave the comfort zone.

Take out the garbage within 2 minutes. Grab the bin bag, cord it, put the new bag into the garbage can. All within 2 minutes. Now you can bring down the filled bag and you're completely done with that task.

To write one blog post every week you have to finish the first sentence, within 2 minutes. Afterwards your mind dives into the topic and you get into the flow of writing the whole post. Probably you find yourself writing for 30 minutes.

Break the first barrier by applying the 2-minute-rule to everyday tasks. Proceed from here and be more productive than ever :)

  • 1 This inspirational image is created by Sean McCabe. Visit his site and browse through all the great resources he provides.

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