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GitHub Actions — Run on Pull Request

GitHub Actions have different triggers. You can run an action when pushing code to a repository, or when creating a new tag. When building open source packages, you may receive pull requests from users. Typically, you want to run your test suite against the changed code in the pull request. …

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Add Seconds to a Date in Node.js and JavaScript

While building the queuing feature in the Supercharge framework, we wanted to enqueue jobs with a delay. You can delay a job by a given number of seconds. Internally, Supercharge stores a notBefore date with the added delay seconds. This tutorial shows you how to add seconds to a date …

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Sort an Array of Integers in JavaScript and Node.js

Sorting data is a common task in programming. JavaScript provides a .sort(comparator) method on arrays allowing you to sort data with custom comparator. A comparator represents a compare function determining which element comes before the other. When sorting integers, a custom compare function comes handy because you can ensure …

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GitHub Actions — Using MongoDB Replica Sets

GitHub Actions let you automate tasks on your repositories. For example, you can move your entire CI/CD pipeline to GitHub using Actions. You probably need a database when running your tests. MongoDB recommends using replica sets in production environments. You can push your testing environment as close to the …

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Node.js — How to Merge Objects

Merging objects in JavaScript is a common task. For example, when starting an application you may load multiple configuration files and merge them into a single configuration object. This tutorial shows you how to merge objects in JavaScript. {{outline}} Merge Objects Merging objects in JavaScript is possible in different ways. …

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Increase a Date in JavaScript by One Week

When building tools that work with dates, you may want to provide a button that acts as a shortcut to increase a date by one week. Internally, your application still works with actual dates and you may want to calculate the date in one week. This tutorial shows you how …

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