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MySQL — Add Days to a Datetime

MySQL supports dates and date times as column types. It’s a nice way to keep track of when things happen or should happen. Working with dates and times can be hard, but adding days to a date time column value isn’t. This tutorial shows you how to add …

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JavaScript — Prevent Line Breaks in String Template Literals

Template literates in JavaScript are delimited with backticks and allow you to create string interpolation and multi-line strings. A multi-line string with template literals is convenient because you can add words and line breaks without concatenating strings using a + across lines. A downside of multi-line strings in template literals: it …

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Node.js — What is `Symbol.iterator`?

JavaScript has support for iteration protocols. These iteration protocols aren’t built-in implementations, but protocols outlining the convention that an implementation needs to follow. The Iteration protocol allows custom JavaScript objects to provide iteration behavior, for example how they provide values when looping over them in a for…of loop. …

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