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learn hapi — How to Revoke a JWT

JSON web tokens (JWT) are a convenient way to authenticate users on your platform. The simplest version of handling JWT authentication looks like this: creating a token by signing it with a secret key that is only known to your application. Once created, you send off the compact form of …

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Node.js — Create Your Own Custom Error

Handling errors plays a major role in your application. In error situations, you want to know the details of the issue and how to solve it. When developing your app, you can create your own errors. Errors in Node.js are extensible classes. This tutorial walks you through the creation …

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learn hapi — Create a JWT Utility

When using JSON web tokens in your application, you’ll find JWT related implementations in different places. For example, creating a new JWT is part of a login route handler. Authenticating an incoming JWT takes place in an authentication strategy. Refreshing a JWT, JWT logout, or token blacklisting are use …

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