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Matplotlib — Save Plots as File

In our tutorial series on matplotlib, you have learned how create many different plots and how to customize their design. So far, you have looked at the resulting plot by calling .show(). But what if you need to share the plot? For example, if you need to send it in …

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Node.js — How to Reset and Empty an Array

When emptying an array in JavaScript/Node.js you’ll surely think of reassigning your array’s value to a new array. There’s another way to reset an array: set the length to zero. Let’s have a look at both ways. {{outline}} Assign an Empty Array A common …

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Matplotlib — Stacked Bar Plots

After learning about simple bar plots in the previous tutorial, it's time to take a look at stacked bar plots. Stacked bar plots provide more detail information about every individual bar. Let's dive in! {{outline}} Stacked Bar Plots In the simple bar plot tutorial, you used the number of tutorials …

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Matplotlib — Simple Bar Plots

In the first two tutorials in this series, you've learned to create scatter and line plots with matplotlib. In this tutorial, you'll learn more about bar plots, including how to create and theme them. {{outline}} Bar Plots As in the past tutorials, before you can create pretty graphs, you need …

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Node.js — How to Create an Empty File

You may know the touch command from your command line which creates an empty file if it doesn’t exist. This tutorial shows you how to implement touch in Node.js. You’ll implement a function that creates an empty file using Node.js. You’ll walk through an asynchronous …

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Matplotlib — Simple Line Plots

matplotlib ships with a variety of different plots. In this tutorial, you'll get to know line plots or line charts in more detail. You'll see how to create a simple line plot, how to adjust styling, and how to draw multiple lines in a single chart. {{outline}} Sample Data for …

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