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Glide — App Release Preparation

Google highly recommends to use ProGuard for release builds which get distributed via Google Play. We’ll guide you through the basic setup of ProGuard and show you how to configure Glide in the phase of release preparation. First, let’s get a wrap up about ProGuard and afterwards we …

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Glide — Advanced ListViews With Images

In the previous tutorial on ListViews with images we've only looked at examples where the entire adapter item is an ImageView. The approach still applies if one or more ImageViews are only a (small) part of the adapter item. Your getView() code will look a little different, but the loading …

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Glide — Series Roundup

Quite a long time ago we started our series on the image loading library Glide. What was planned as a pretty short series got longer and longer over time. We appreciate your continuous interest and feedback. We hope you learned as much as we did. Let's review what topics we've …

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Glide — How to Rotate Images

A little while ago, we got a question on how to rotate images with Glide, since Picasso offers this functionality out-of-the-box. Unfortunately, Glide does not offer this as one little method call, but in this tutorial we'll show you how to make it almost as easy. Notice — September 19th 2017 …

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Glide 3.x — Dynamically Use Model Loaders

In the last tutorial, you've seen how to declare and configure a Glide module, which adds the image size to the request. This is a very powerful optimization. However, it's important to know that declared Glide modules are always active. By default, you cannot dynamically turn them off or on. …

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