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Glide — Thumbnails

In the last few tutorials, we've looked at ways to optimize the user experience when loading and displaying images. Caching images already takes a big step to a smooth user experience. However, if the image is very large, the processing can take a while until it is displayed. In this …

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Glide — Request Priorities

Last week, we've looked at a critical piece of image loading: caching! If you missed it, give it another look, it's worth it. This week, we'll go through another important feature of Glide: ordering image requests by prioritization. Notice — August 31st 2017 Glide has released a 4.0.0 version. …

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Glide — Caching Basics

After we've looked at loading, displaying and manipulating images, we'll move on to optimize the process. One of the fundamental features of successful and efficient image loading is caching. In this post, we'll go through the basics of caching in Glide. Notice — August 30th 2017 Glide has released a 4. …

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Glide — Displaying Gifs & Video Thumbnails

In the previous tutorials you've looked at displaying images from all kind of sources. You've learned how to manipulate the image display, change the size and scaling of the images with standard options. This tutorial will show you a unique feature of Glide: displaying Gifs and thumbnails of local videos. …

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Glide — Image Resizing & Scaling

In the last tutorials, you've learned how to load images from various sources and how to use different kinds of placeholders. This week's tutorial is important if you cannot influence the size of the images: resizing and scaling! Notice — August 28th 2017 Glide has released a 4.0.0 version. …

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Glide — Placeholders & Fade Animations

After you've learned how to load images from all kinds of sources and how to display them in ListViews, this tutorial is all about placeholders, which bridge the time until the image loading. Notice — August 25th 2017 Glide has released a 4.0.0 version. We've updated this tutorial accordingly. …

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Glide — ListAdapter (ListView, GridView)

The first two tutorials in this Glide series have shown how to load a single image into an ImageView from either an Internet URL or other sources. This tutorial will demonstrate adapter implementations for ListView and GridView, where each cell contains a single ImageView. This is similar to many image …

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