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Lerna — Publish Release for All Packages

Lerna is a great tool to manage your monorepo. It installs and links project dependencies within the repository. Lerna can also run commands against all managed packages and help you with the publishing project. We at Future Studio maintain the Supercharge Node.js framework using Lerna. It allows us to …

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Lerna — Install Dependencies for a Specific Package

Lerna is a tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages. It allows you to manage the dependencies of and between packages in your project. This tutorial shows you how to add dependencies to a single package in a Lerna-managed project. {{outline}} Install Dependency to Specific Package With Lerna Lerna …

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GitHub Actions — How to Test Lerna Monorepos

GitHub Actions provide a convenient way to test your project. Typically, you’ll trigger test runs and builds through push or pull request events. When testing lerna monorepos, there’s a nuance that you must keep in mind: the CI environment! This tutorial shows you how to configure lerna to …

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