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CoreOS — How to Set Up a Cluster

Last week we’ve learned about CoreOS’ components and technologies within the ecosystem. This week, we’re directly diving into the practical part and get our hands dirty. If you read the first post, you already know that CoreOS is an operating system geared towards high-availability. Setting up a cluster …

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CoreOS — Platform Introduction and Components

CoreOS is a new operating system with a completely changed mindset. The idea goes away from single servers and moves completely towards security and high-availability clusters. All the management is done at cluster level. CoreOS ships and integrates with components that simplify the overall cluster management. Within this series, we’ …

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PM2 — Series Round-Up

It has been a long journey to this last planned post of the PM2 series. We want to wrap up the series and hope you’ve learned a lot throughout the weeks. Every new article covered a separate topic and should help you to improve your application process management on …

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PM2 — Module System

The previous published posts within this series, you’ve learned about the built-in features of PM2. This week, we’re going to explore a very handy feature of the utility: a built-in module system. This module system allows you to add custom functionality to PM2 by installing modules to PM2 …

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PM2 — Command Line Autocompletion

Everyone is seeking for productivity boosts day by day, like learning new shortcuts in your favorite IDE, a new command on the Unix shell or something else. If you’re just starting out or already familiar with PM2 commands, it’s always nice to have an auto-completion feature. This post …

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PM2 — Log Handling

Log handling is an essential key factor in process management. Even though you might not be interested in your logs if everything went smooth. Wait for your first downtime and app failures and you’ll find your fastest way to get proper information about the current application situation within your …

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PM2 — Advanced App Configuration with JSON File

Within this article, we’re going to explore an advanced way to declare and start your applications. If you read the previous article on process management with PM2, you’re familiar with starting applications from command line. PM2 offers another way to start applications: by using an app declaration file …

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