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Vue.js 3 — Auto-Resize Textarea

It would be best if you had a way for users to share their thoughts when building a content-centric website. Users may comment on tutorials, videos, or other types of content. A common way of sharing comments is the HTML textarea that provides a multiline input field. Using textareas can …

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Vue.js 3 — Bind a Value to an HTML Datetime Input

Vue.js comes with the practical v-model directive to create a two-way binding between HTML input fields and a variable’s value. This binding also works when using JavaScript dates and a related input field of type or datetime-local or datetime. This tutorial shows you how to use v-model on …

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Vue.js 3 — How to use Refs in Composition API

Vue’s template rendering abstracts most of the DOM operations. And yet you might run into a situation where you need to access a given DOM element. Vue uses “refs” to access DOM elements with the ref attribute on that element. This tutorial shows you how to reference elements in …

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