Retrofit 2 — Book Update & Release Celebration

As a regular reader of this blog, you’ve already noticed that we’re huge fanboys of Retrofit. What started out with a series of 14 blog posts, is grown to a pipeline of more than 35 posts in the Retrofit series. It has been an impressive and overwhelming journey with more than 350k visits for the Retrofit articles and we’re confident to break the million milestone, with you!

Retrofit Series Overview

Content Flash to Celebrate the Retrofit 2 Release

To celebrate the second major release with the Retrofit community, we start a content flash fully geared towards Retrofit, today! There’ll be a new Retrofit blog post on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during the upcoming three weeks (Mondays and Thursdays are reserved for the regular publishing cycle ;-)).

Retrofit Book — All About 2.0

We’ve completely updated the book’s content for Retrofit 2. The first edition of the Retrofit book is aligned around Retrofit 1.9. If you’re interested or in the need of the content for the first major version, the first book version is packed as a free extra with the new book.

In comparison to the first book edition, there’s a huge improvement in both, quality and quantity. Due to the work and usage of Retrofit within the last year, we’ve seen the need of more Retrofit specific topics and targeted the new content directly to Retrofit 2.

What Topics Are Covered in This Book?

As a starting point, we took the blog posts from our Retrofit series. We’ve updated, rewritten and extended all the content. There are much more descriptions, explanations and examples within the book. Furthermore, each chapter is structured to provide a common thread that guides you through all important aspects of Retrofit and your development experience.

There’s a wide variety of topics covered in the book. We’re starting out with a quick start guide that gets every beginner on the Retrofit road and proceed with basic and advanced topics.

The following list shows you the currently available chapters:

  • Introduction to Retrofit
  • Quick Start Guide to jump right into Retrofit
  • How to create a sustainable REST client
  • Extensive manipulation and customization of requests
  • Comprehensive overview of response converters and data mapping
  • Handling Authentication on Android (Basic, Token, OAuth, Hawk)
  • Advanced file handling, like File Up- & Download
  • Detailed guide on Pagination
  • How to handle errors in your Android app
  • Debug requests and response using logging
  • Fundamentals to get going with mocking server responses
  • App release preparation including ProGuard configuration

Benefits From Buying This Book

As a reader of the Retrofit book, you’ll profit from exclusive and additional content related to the publicly available blog posts. Also, we’ll update the book regularly and you’re the first to read the new content.

  • Exclusive Content: we’ve added extra sections that are only available within the book, like how to create your custom response converter or refresh outdated access token, release preparation using ProGuard
  • Android Project: there’s an Android project as an extra to this book including extensive code examples and configurations. You’re free to use the provided snippets for your own project
  • Nicely Formatted and eReader Ready: there are epub, mobi and PDF files waiting for you, all nicely formatted by Leanpub’s “eReader press” :) Enjoy the book at your laptop or send it in preferred format to your eReader/Kindle and read during commute, train ride or just before bed
  • Free Lifetime Updates: we truly believe in rewarding loyal customers and that’s why you’ll always get free future updates for this book!

Price Increase

Starting on Monday, 14th February 2016, there’s a two-week period within the book is still available for $22 (excl. VAT). We’ll increase the book’s price to $28 (excl. VAT) on March 28th 2016. That’s your chance to save the dollars to buy your spouse lovely spring flowers!

Happiness Guarantee ❤ (45 Days to Full Refund)

Leanpub provides an brilliant experience for readers and authors to buy and publish books. Additionally, they offer the happiness guarantee that absolutely aligns with our values for fairness. That means, you can claim a refund within 45 days of your purchase. That’s awesome!

Honestly, the book is packed with value and there’s a ton to learn from. If you still feel the book doesn’t match your expectations: claim refund and we’ll still be friends :) Promise!

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