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Node.js — How to Create an Empty File

You may know the touch command from your command line which creates an empty file if it doesn’t exist. This tutorial shows you how to implement touch in Node.js. You’ll implement a function that creates an empty file using Node.js. You’ll walk through an asynchronous …

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Node.js — Run Async Functions/Promises in Parallel

With the release of Node.js v8, async functions became an integral component. Async functions provide a simpler API around promises by removing (most) of the callback-y code. The combination of async/await and promises is powerful, but you have to be careful not going too sequential. This tutorial shows …

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NPM — How to Uninstall Packages

NPM has large ecosystem of JavaScript modules. During development, you may add dependencies to your project and may not need them anymore at a later point. Using the NPM CLI to install dependencies will add the module to your project dependencies by adding it to your package.json file. In …

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learn hapi — JWT Claims 101

You’re automatically using claims when using JWTs in your application. JWT Claims are an important piece in the JSON web token specification. Claims represent the data you’re storing inside the JWT. A JWT claim set is the JWT payload consisting of more than one key-value-pair. Imagine a JWT …

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