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PM2 — Use TSX to Start Your App

We migrated the code running the website from CommonJS to ESM. The CommonJS project used ts-node in combination with SWC to run the code. But ts-node isn’t working with TypeScript and ESM (there’s an open issue). We can’t use ts-node because of the mentioned issue …

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TypeScript — Module Augmentation Overwrites Declarations Instead of Merging Them

TypeScript comes with a feature called declaration merging. Declaration merging means that the TypeScript compiler merges two or more separate declarations that use the same name into a single definition. Merging definitions is helpful if you’re extending a contract with custom functionality and want to tell TypeScript about the …

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Node.js — Check if a Path is a File URL

Node.js includes the needed functionality to interact with files on your local hard disk. Typically, you’re referencing files on disk using a file path. This path can have different formats, like a relative or an absolute path or a file URL. With the transition to ECMAScript modules developers …

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