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Node.js — Check if a Path is a File URL

Node.js includes the needed functionality to interact with files on your local hard disk. Typically, you’re referencing files on disk using a file path. This path can have different formats, like a relative or an absolute path or a file URL. With the transition to ECMAScript modules developers …

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Node.js — Check if a Path is a Socket

Interacting with files on your local hard disk is a common task in application development. Node.js comes with the necessary tooling to do so. The Node.js fs core module provides lots of functions to read, write, delete, and interact with files and directories. This tutorial shows you how …

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Node.js — Determine the Current Operating System

In some situations, you may want to detect the underlying operating system of your application. This may happen if you’re using a feature switch or limited feature support on a given platform. For example, you may allow special characters on Unix-based systems and not on Windows. This tutorial shows …

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