Get Tomorrow’s Date in JavaScript

Imagine a planning tool like a ToDo-list where you want to schedule a task due for tomorrow. Clicking a button “plan for tomorrow“ sets the due date to tomorrow. Your database still needs an actual date as the deadline.

This tutorial shows you how to retrieve tomorrow’s date in JavaScript.

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Retrieve Tomorrow’s Date in JavaScript

JavaScript’s global Date class provides dozens of methods to manipulate a date instance. Calculating tomorrow’s date is pretty straightforward. You must basically add one day to today.

Here’s how you create a date instance with the date of tomorrow:

const tomorrow = new Date()

// add 1 day to today
tomorrow.setDate(new Date().getDate() + 1)

// 2019-12-28T10:46:44.105Z

A date instance in JavaScript provides a .setDate() method to set the day of the month. A goody provided by this method: it automatically switches the month in case you’re exceeding the days in a month.

At first, you need “today” as a reference. Use the new Date() constructor to create a date instance of today. Then, retrieving the day of tomorrow is a calculation of adding one day to the current day of the month using. You can retrieve the day of “today” using the .getDate() method.

You may also be interested in the related tutorial showing how to increase a JavaScript date by one week.

That’s it! Enjoy dates and make it rock!

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