learn hapi — Load the User’s Profile Picture From Gravatar Using Virtuals in Mongoose

Using Gravatar for profile pictures feels like the snake game on Nokia phones. You know, the Nokia phones that are still charged if you’d find one in your winter jacket 😄

The older Nokia phones with model names like “Nokia 3210” used to have a game installed called “snake”. You moved a virtual snake on your display to eat pixels and each pixel caused the snake to grow by one pixel until it outgrows the display.

Gravatar came around at the same time and is still available. You’re registering for this service with an email address and upload your desired profile picture. Afterwards, everyone can request your profile picture using your email address (if you allow public access).

Following this tutorial, you’ll make use of Gravatar and grab the user’s profile picture. This personal touch helps the user to identify with your Futureflix platform. It also shows your effort to fetch the picture, even though you might fall back to a default one.

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