learn hapi — What You’ll Build

Seeing you here means you’re interested in starting the Futureflix server learning path, where you’ll build a complete app by yourself. This learning path is practical and you’ll implement all the features that you see in other platforms.

This way you’ll learn the basics on implementations like authentication, caching, serving files to clients and also how to stream them for downloads or videos.

You’ll work with a predefined stack consisting of hapi, MongoDB, Mongoose, Bulma, Handlebars and more. Great libraries exist in the Node.js universe and you’ll use them as dependencies to not implement everything by yourself.

If you’re unfamiliar with a technology, there’s time to learn it as you go. You’ll always get a starting point from us and can extend it on your own.

Are you pumped to start? Let’s have a look on what you’ll build 😍

hapi Series Overview

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